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China in Africa: The Real Story


Deborah Brautigam

Links to Online Versions of My Books, Articles, Working Papers on China-Africa

(for updates, see my website:

Chinese Aid: What, Where, Why and How Much? (China Update, 2011)

Aid 'With Chinese Characteristics': Chinese Aid and Development Finance Meet the OECD-DAC Regime' (Journal of International Development, 2011)

African Shenzhen: China's Special Economic Zones (Journal of Modern African Studies, 2011)

China and Africa: Think Again (European Financial Review, 2010)

Africa's Eastern Promise (Foreign, 2010)

Chinese Engagement in African Agriculture (China Quarterly, Dec. 2009)

China, Africa, and the Global Aid Architecture (Africa Development Bank, 2010)

Close Encounters: Chinese Business Networks as Industrial Catalysts in Africa (African Affairs, 2003)

Chinese Aid & African Dev't: Exporting Green Revolution (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1998, out of print)
Cover Page, Contents, List of Maps & Abbreviations, Preface
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Development and Foreign Aid: Theory and Practice
Chapter 3: Chinese Aid in Africa
Chapter 4: The State and Agriculture in West Africa
Chapter 5: China's Green Revolution: Technology in West Africa
Chapter 6: Project Governance: Implementation and Institutions
Chapter 7: Exporting Ideology: Chinese Domestic Politics and China's African Aid
Chapter 8: Conclusion
Appendix (Chinese Foreign Aid in West Africa - Country Overviews), Notes, Bibliography, Index
Land Rights and Agricultural Dev in Africa: A Case Study of Two Chinese Projects (Journal of Developing Areas, 1992)

Doing Well By Doing Good (China Business Review 1983)