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Data v2


Chinese Loans To Africa

SAIS-CARI researchers have collected, cleaned, and analyzed data on Chinese loans to Africa since 2007, creating one of the most comprehensive databases on China-Africa lending. Since China does not produce any official data on its lending patterns in Africa, SAIS-CARI staff pull from a variety of other sources, including official websites, central banks, ministries of finance, and Chinese contractors. This desk research is then supplemented by field work conducted by SAIS-CARI researchers, which includes in-person interviews with African and Chinese officials. To access the database and learn more about SAIS-CARI’s methods, click here.

additional china-africa DATA

SAIS-CARI regularly collates data on China-Africa FDI, trade, contracts, agricultural investment, foreign aid, and Chinese workers in Africa. This data is not produced by SAIS-CARI researchers. However, SAIS-CARI collects and presents it in a straight-forward, easy-to-use manner. In this way, SAIS-CARI has helped to disseminate data that might help inform policy makers, reporters, and academics.

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