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Chinese Loans to Africa Database Launch, April 21, 2016, Johns Hopkins SAIS

Chinese Loans to Africa Database Launch, April 21, 2016, Johns Hopkins SAIS

How Chinese Money is Transforming Africa:
It’s Not What You Think

Where, why, and how are Chinese banks really financing African development? In 2007, CARI researchers began collecting, cleaning, and analyzing China’s African loans. In this brief, we provide an overview of our data which we revealed to the public for the first time on April 21, 2016 at Johns Hopkins SAIS. 

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Click here to access the data. Click here to view a summary, recording, and photos from the launch of the database.

Policy Brief 14: Do Huawei's Training Programs and Centers Transfer Skills to Africa?

This policy brief by Benjamin Tsui examines Huawei's engagement in developing local talent in information communications and technologies (ICT) in Africa, specifically in Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. Research was conducted using news reports, press releases, corporate reports, and academic studies. Download Policy Brief (PDF) »

Photo: Chinese President Xi Jinping addressing delegates at the opening of the FOCAC summit. EPA / ELMOND JIYANE / GCIS / HANDOUT. 

Policy Brief 13: Technology Transfer in Telecommunications: Barriers and Opportunities in the Case of Huawei and ZTE in South Africa

This policy brief by June Sun outlines three barriers to technology transfer from Chinese vendors to South African companies: increased managed services contracts, contestations for legitimacy, and weaknesses in the institutional framework. Download Policy Brief (PDF) »

Photo of Dr. Brautigam © Kaveh Sardari

Working Paper 3How do Chinese Contractors Perform in Africa? Evidence from World Bank Projects

Chinese construction firms are building African infrastructure and have been winning large percentages of World Bank contracts in Africa. Through examining project completion reports from numerous World Bank transportation contracts implemented by Chinese contractors in Africa, this paper provides an analysis of the quality of Chinese firms' construction work. Download Policy Brief (PDF) »


China-Africa Week at SAIS: summaries, recordings, and photos are now available

From April 18 to 22, SAIS-CARI hosted its first ever China-Africa Week: four public events with diplomats, practitioners, and academics discussing today's most dynamic China-Africa issues. You can now view summaries, recordings, and photos of China-Africa Week on our Events page. Special thanks to all who attended and helped make it a success. Go to Events page »

New Signs of Chinese Efforts to Improve Labor Relations in Africa?

Monday, May 2, 2016

May 1 is International Labor Day almost everywhere except the USA. Today I noticed media reports from several African countries such as Uganda and Tanzania that local Chinese Chambers of Commerce were giving awards for the best workers in Chinese companies, and to Chinese companies for being the best employers. Chinese ambassadors spoke at several of these award ceremonies.

Interesting to see that Chinese embassies are urging Chinese employers to do more to train their African workforce, investing in their skill development; boost incomes (pay higher wages?); and deliver benefits in accordance with local laws.

Although some African countries (South Africa, Mauritius, possibly others) have longstanding Chinese Chambers of Commerce…

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