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Publications: Overview


About CARI’s Publications

The China Africa Research Initiative at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies’ publications are based on rigorous, evidence-based research. CARI research is grounded in a mixed methodology approach that combines quantitative and qualitative methods and includes both desk studies and in-country fieldwork. Research is conducted by CARI staff, fellows, and affiliated researchers.

CARI research topics focus on China-Africa issues with high policy relevance. After research is completed, key findings are distilled in publications for a wide variety of audiences, including academics and public policy professionals. CARI employs four types of publication formats:

  • Policy Briefs are short, succinct, and policy-oriented publications. In less than four pages, policy briefs outline the key aspects of the main research topic, the research’s findings, and implications. All briefs include several evidence-based policy recommendations.

  • Working Papers take a deep dive into a single research topic. Working papers are meant to inform China-Africa academics and experts about developments in the field. The papers detail the research’s methodology, findings, and discusses implications for policy makers or for future research.

  • Briefing Papers and Economic Bulletins are written by CARI staff and offer in-depth looks into key topics of China-Africa research. With their flexible format, these publications are best suited for readers who want to learn about a topic in more depth than a policy brief but in less detail than a working paper.

  • Books published by CARI staff are well-researched, evidence-based, and thorough in their analysis of China-Africa issues. These publications contribute significantly to the field of China-Africa literature.

For any submissions, please follow SAIS-CARI’s Author Guidelines.