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Data: Chinese Contracts in Africa

Chinese Contracts in africa


To access China-Africa contracts data, click here.

1. CARI Data Overview

In 2016, the gross annual revenues of Chinese companies' construction projects in Africa totaled US$50 billion, a decrease in $4 billion from 2015. The top 5 countries are Algeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Angola, and Nigeria. These top 5 countries account for 49% of all Chinese companies’ 2016 construction project gross annual revenues in Africa; Algeria alone accounts for roughly 16.7%. Except for a slowdown in 2011, this is the first year that gross annual revenues of Chinese companies' construction projects have declined since 2000.

The number of Chinese workers in Africa by the end of 2016 is just over 227,000 according to official Chinese sources. This is a steep decline of over 36,000 workers compared to in 2015, indicating a marked contraction in Chinese contract workers in 2016 compared to previous years. 2014 saw the largest increase in workers, an increase in 44,000, while 2015 saw a modest addition of 4,000 workers. In 2016, the top 5 countries with Chinese workers are Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria. These 5 countries are responsible for 65% of all Chinese workers in Africa at the end of 2016; Algeria alone accounts for 40%. These figures includes Chinese workers sent to work on Chinese companies’ construction contracts in Africa ("workers on contracted projects") and Chinese workers sent to work for non-Chinese companies in Africa ("workers doing labor services").


2. CARI contract Data compilation

CARI has compiled contract figures from all Chinese government sources to cover as many years as possible. The figures are converted to millions of US$. 

3. Existing Data

3.1 Official Sources
Several Chinese government sources report figures of Chinese contract values fulfilled abroad, but all sources report the same numbers. These sources include the China Statistical Yearbooks, the official website of the National Bureau of Statistics, the China Annual Bulletin of Statistics of Contracted Projects, Labor Cooperation with Foreign Countries, and the Almanac of China’s Foreign Economic Relations and Trade. All sources have matching figures, the difference being the range of years covered.

3.2 Other Efforts
There is currently no public database that CARI is aware of that reports on similar figures.