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our Publications

Economic Bulletins

  • Economic Bulletin 01/2017Challenges of and Opportunities from the Commodity Price Slump, Lucas Atkins, Deborah Brautigam, Yunnan Chen, and Jyhjong Hwang


  • Policy Brief 24/2018What kinds of Chinese "Geese" are flying to Africa? Evidence from Chinese manufacturing firms, Deborah Brautigam, Tang Xiaoyang, and Ying Xia

  • Policy Brief 23/2018Silk Road to the Sahel: African Ambitions in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Yunnan Chen.

  • Policy Brief 22/2018The Risks and Rewards of Resource-for-Infrastructure Deals: Lessons from the Congo’s Sicomines Agreement, David G. Landry.

  • Policy Brief 21/2017Chinese Medical Teams in the DRC: A Comparative Case Study, Xiaoxiao Jiang Kwete.

  • Policy Brief 20/2017Community Engagement in Chinese and American Gold Mining Companies: A Comparative Case Study in Ghana, Yang Jiao.

  • Policy Brief 19/2017Adaptation of Chinese Immigrants in Zambia, Lu Yao, Barry Sautman, Yan Hairong, and Zhou Weixuan.

  • Policy Brief 18/2017The United States and China in Africa: What does the data say?, Janet Eom, Jyhjong Hwang, Lucas Atkins, Yunnan Chen, and Siqi Zhou.

  • Policy Brief 17/2017Creating a Market for Skills Transfer: A Case Study of AVIC International, Irene Yuan Sun and Lin Qi.

  • Policy Brief 16/2016Local Politics Meets Chinese Engineers: A Study of the Chinese-Built Standard Gauge Railway Project in Kenya, Uwe Wissenbach and Yuan Wang.

  • Policy Brief 15/2016Provincial Chinese Actors in Africa: The Case of Sichuan in Uganda, Xuefei Shi.

  • Policy Brief 14/2016Do Huawei's Training Programs and Centers Transfer Skills to Africa?, Benjamin Tsui.

  • Policy Brief 13/2016Technology Transfer in Telecommunications: Barriers and Opportunities in the Case of Huawei and ZTE in South Africa, June Sun.

  • Policy Brief 12/2016Media Training for Africa: Is China Exporting its Journalism?, Jákup Emil Hansen.

  • Policy Brief 11/2016: How Chinese Money is Transforming Africa: It's Not What You Think, Jyhjong Hwang, Deborah Brautigam, and Janet Eom. (Updated April 31, 2016).

  • Policy Brief 10/2016: What Happened to China Development Bank’s $3 Billion Loan to Ghana?, Thomas Chen.

  • Policy Brief 09/2016Looking Back and Moving Forward: An Analysis of China-Africa Economic Trends and the Outcomes of the 2015 Forum on China Africa Cooperation, Janet Eom, Jyhjong Hwang, Ying Xia, and Deborah Brautigam.

  • Policy Brief 08/2015: Chinese Financed Hydropower Projects in Sub-Saharian AfricaDeborah Brautigam, Jyhjong Hwang, and Lu Wang.

  • Policy Brief 07/2015: Neither ‘Land Grab’ nor ‘Friendship Farm:’ Chinese Agricultural Engagement in Angola, Zhou Jinyan.

  • Policy Brief 06/2015Assessing the Impact of Chinese Investment on Southeast Africa’s Cotton: Moving up the Value Chain?, Tang Xiaoyang.

  • Policy Brief 05/2015Chinese Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Africa: Case Studies in Ghana and Nigeria, Yang Jiao.

  • Policy Brief 04/2015Chinese Agricultural Engagement in Zambia: A Grassroots Analysis, Solange Guo Chatelard and Jessica M. Chu.

  • Policy Brief 03/2014Chinese Training Courses for African Officials: a “Win-Win” Engagement?, Henry Tugendhat.

  • Policy Brief 02/2014Chinese Agricultural Investment in Mozambique: the Case of Wanbao Rice Farm, Sérgio Chichava.

  • Policy Brief 01/2014The Political Ecology of Chinese Investment in Uganda: the Case of Hanhe Farm, Josh Maiyo.


  • Working Paper 17/August 2018What kinds of Chinese "Geese" are flying to Africa? Evidence from Chinese manufacturing firms, Deborah Brautigam, Tang Xiaoyang, and Ying Xia

  • Working Paper 16/May 2018The Risks and Rewards of Resource-for-Infrastructure Deals: Lessons from the Congo’s Sicomines Agreement, David G. Landry.

  • Working Paper 15/December 2017China's involvement in South Africa's wind and solar PV industries, Lucy Baker and Wei Shen.

  • Working Paper 14/September 2017: Creating a market for skills transfer: A case study of AVIC International’s skills transfer programs in Kenya, Irene Yuan Sun and Qi Lin.

  • Working Paper 13/June 2017: African politics meets Chinese engineers: The Chinese-built Standard Gauge Railway Project in Kenya and East Africa, Uwe Wissenbach and Yuan Wang.

  • Working Paper 12/April 2017: Diffusing Chinese rice technology in rural Tanzania: Lessons from the Dakawa agro-technology demonstration center, Hezron Makundi.

  • Working Paper 11/March 2017China and uranium: Comparative possibilities for agency in statecraft in Niger and Namibia, Peter Volberding and Jason Warner.

  • Working Paper 10/February 2017We are not so different: A comparative study of employment relations at Chinese and American firms in Kenya, Zander Rounds and Hongxiang Huang.

  • Working Paper 09/January 2017: Chinese Media, Kenyan Lives: An Ethnographic Inquiry into CCTV Africa’s Head Offices, Melissa Lefkowitz.

  • Working Paper 08/December 2016: Chinese Investment in Ghana's Manufacturing Sector, Tang Xiaoyang.

  • Working Paper 07/November 2016A Comparative Analysis: The Sustainable Development Impact of Two Wind Farms in Ethiopia, Yanning Chen.

  • Working Paper 06/September 2016Capturing the Rains: A Comparative Study of Chinese Involvement in Cameroon's Hydropower Sector, Yunnan Chen and David G. Landry.

  • Working Paper 05/July 2016Where Africa Meets Asia: Chinese Agricultural and Manufacturing Investment in Madagascar, Yunnan Chen and David G. Landry.

  • Working Paper 04/April 2016Eastern Promises: New Data on Chinese Loans in Africa, 2000 to 2014, Deborah Brautigam and Jyhjong Hwang.

  • Working Paper 03/February 2016How do Chinese Contractors Perform in Africa? Evidence from World Bank Projects, Jamie Farrell.

  • Working Paper 02/January 2016: Learning from China? Manufacturing Investment and Technology Transfer in Nigeria, Yunnan Chen, Irene Yuan Sun, Rex Uzonna Ukaejiofo, Tang Xiaoyang, and Deborah Brautigam.

  • Working Paper 01/December 2015Chinese Engagement in Hydropower Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa, Jyhjong Hwang, Deborah Brautigam, and Nancy Wang.


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Is China building a new empire in rural Africa? It seems a perfect match: the country with the largest population and the continent with the largest remaining reserves of arable land. Few topics are as controversial and emotionally charged as the belief that the Chinese government is aggressively buying up huge tracts of prime African land to grow food to ship back to China.

In her new book Will Africa Feed China?, CARI Director Deborah Brautigam probes the myths and realities behind the headlines. Challenging conventional wisdom, Brautigam’s engaging research shows Chinese farming investments to be surprisingly modest. China actually exports more food to Africa than it imports. Yet African governments are pushing hard for foreign capital and, to feed their own populations, rural Africa must move from subsistence to commercial agriculture. What role will China play? Will Africa Feed China? introduces the people and politics that will shape the future of this engagement.

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